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NBA preseason game is currently in full swing, NBA players signed jersey charity auction to be held this weekend, May 16 and 17 in the youth department is still off hQ Dazhongsi store, NBA fans will certainly attract many loving friends and the community enthusiasm participate.

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Participating in the show were Yao Ming jersey auction, James, Bosh, cheap jerseys from china Wade's signature jersey, the charity auction will feature no reserve starting, all live to the audience may participate in the auction, the auction proceeds will be donated to funds charity.

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At 9:00 on the 16th began, Yao Ming, James, Bosh, Wade signed jerseys on display at the event, at 11:00 on the 17th, the auction will be held on-site ceremony. It is reported that the movie industry will come to the event Jie cheap jerseys china, temporary guest auctioneer, in addition to the enthusiasm with the fans, the site also fancy shooting, table football and other interactive games to interact with the audience, so that the audience High in the end.

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It is still off hQ department person in charge: "It is because there is traffic department hQ still off the crowd, we decided to hold the event, then I believe the event will have a lot of fans directed at NBA cheap jerseys free shipping players signed jerseys come, but the mall more importantly, in terms of the activities by charities can also make a contribution. "

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Bell Temple Square is located in Kun hQ youth department store merchandise is still off Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Group, the first sub-brand, the first youth department stores, major consumer groups are 18-35 year old urban "new family", the mall fully in the design consider the state of contemporary young people's leisure and shopping, the main youth fashion brand, to show the most cutting-edge fashion elements cheap jerseys wholesale.